The Hidden War With Sleep!

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Hi everyone,  I truly believe that good written articles should be viral and sent out everywhere across the Internet. That said, I would like to thank mind body green for posting this great article and I hope that by giving recognition while reposting it, they and good Doctor that wrote it will appreciate the

Support Charities! :-)

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Last year (October 2012), Dr. Daniel Javitz attempted the CN Tower Climb for the United Way (Link to CN Tower Climb) where he conquered 1,776 steps in only 21 minutes and 10 seconds. A better time was within reach, but setbacks included other fatigued participants blocking the stairwell. That charity challenge will be revisited sometime

Water and the Healthy Way

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Water and the Healthy Way… We all know 8-10 glasses of water a day is the healthy way…Though here are a few more notes on water! 🙂 Check out other cool blogs from Dr. Daniel Javitz by clicking the link below: Dr. Javitz Blogs Thank you for checking out my blogs! Keep Hydrated! 😉 Dr.

Food For Thought!

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Hello Everyone, Our brains like any other part of the body require proper nutrition and constant stimulation to stay young. I came across this information many months back, but forgot to blog it. Enjoy, and remember that nutrition tips are just one of many services offered through drjavitz chiropractic ( To View the picture, just

Thank you for choosing to follow posts/blogs from  Dr. JAVITZ CHIROPRACTIC. My goal is to serve patients to the best of my ability and help as many people with functional distress get better as quickly as possible.  If the services provided at Dr. Javitz Chiropractic appeal to you for relaxation purposes, or if you suffer

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Wishing every mother I know and everybody’s mother a very happy mother’s day! Our mother’s hard work and support is always recognized. Improving the quality of life, day after day!