Custom Orthotics (Shoe Inserts) Therapy

orthotA service provided by the Doctor for the needs of some patients who require it. Orthotics are orthopedic devices that are used to alter or modify foot function and are designed to treat, adjust, and support various biomechanical foot disorders. Faulty foot biomechanics can lead to a whole array of muscle and joint pain complaints from the ankle, to the knee, and even up to the low back region.

The most effective orthotics are custom-made devices that are designed to meet the specific needs of a particular individual. The Process involves a gait and foot assessment followed by a diagnosis and foot imprint for orthotic laboratory processing. A deposit is taken to cover the manufacturing fees and complete payment must be made prior to dispensing the completed orthotic. The whole process can take 2-3 weeks. Patients should look up their insurance coverage details prior to their visit as the amount of insurance coverage varies between different insurance companies and certain requirements (i.e. such as a doctors prescription may be required prior to starting the process and/or specifics as to who can dispense the orthotic to the patient).

Additional Details: Custom Orthotics are created using an impression of the foot called a cast, which duplicates any misalignments in foot structure. Using the cast and computer technology, technicians in an orthotic laboratory design a device that balances out deformities and corrects misalignments. The finished orthotic is placed in the patient’s shoe to support the foot and eliminate abnormal foot biomechanics by keeping the foot properly aligned. Additionally, Specific orthotics can be made to cater to the problems typically found in individuals with Diabetes.