Our Clinical Care


Welcome to Dr. Javitz Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Muscle Therapy where we endeavor to treat your ailment in a holistic style that includes determining the source and aiming for a preventative conclusion to the care that our patients receive.  This takes our method of care to a more person specific and targeted level.  Through education, we help our patients understand not only how their discomfort came about, but also how to self-manage issue at hand as to allow independence with the understanding that a degree of maintenance may be required depending on the patient’s work or play lifestyle.  At this office the patient is receiving the benefit of a chiropractic doctor and acupuncturist who utilizes the toolbox of treatment therapies that each of these licences allows as well as the use of necessary physio-therapeutic devices and/or muscle release therapy for particular treatment protocols.  Exercises and stretches play a role in the treatment protocol too.  All patients have the option to simply come for pain, discomfort, or simple relaxation treatment and those who commit to the full treatment plan get the extra added bonus of piece of mind that their problem is being carefully addressed that will aim towards longer lasting results with a decreased chance of re-occurrence or maintenance to be required at a later date.

Treatments here go beyond  back and neck pain covering other ailments including joint pains, nerve conditions (such as Sciatica), foot conditions (such as Plantar Fasciitis), headaches and more.  Other common treatments include care for sports injuries, auto accident or WSIB injuries, and general relaxation care for joints and/or muscles.

Evaluation Summary

Prior to any treatment protocol, an initial examination/evaluation will take place to determine the treatment requirements for the first visit day and future visits.  The evaluation will consist of questions regarding the purpose of the visit followed by specialized tests performed by the practitioner.  These tests may include a combination of range of motion, reflex, posture, and sometimes X-ray evaluation to better understand the purpose for the visit.

Why Dr. Javitz Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Muscle Therapy?

Sometimes patient’s like, want, or need a one-stop shop where the on-site practitioner has a treatment toolbox spanning over several designations with a background of clinical experience that gives the protocol of care a wide variety of treatment tools.