Who Pays For Your Treatment?

All insurance coverage is accepted including WSIB for select current patients and Select Motor Vehicle Claims.

Those without insurance coverage will still find treatment prices to be reasonable and affordable, allowing access to high-quality care for you and your family as Dr. Javitz and his team of natural health care providers are capable of providing various treatments through several service options.

Extended Health Insurance

Many benefit plans cover some or all of the services to some extent. Currently, only some insurance companies allow for direct billing.  While Dr. Javitz does not deal directly with insurance companies, he does issue official receipts which may be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.  The clinic is in the process of setting up the option for direct billing to the insurance company though not all insurance companies are easy to work with in this regard and updates can be inquired about at your visit to the clinic.

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Insurance Claims / Workers Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Claims

Generally and what is hoped for in an ideal world, a patient/customer will get what he or she is entitled to from an insurer in regards to coverage for a particular injury where mandatory insurance coverage was available.  Sometimes this is a smooth process and other times it can be a frustrating process.  We try to guide our patients and confused potential patients to the best of our abilities in regards to these particular insurance coverage categories.

Important Note: If a patient had received treatment (this includes initial examination costs) and the patient’s claim was rejected by an Auto Insurance Company or WSIB, then the patient is responsible for their therapeutic expenses.

For more and specific information regarding Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) and Workers Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) insurance claims, click HERE to be redirected to the Insurance Claims and Therapy Page.