The Hidden War With Sleep!

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Hi everyone,  I truly believe that good written articles should be viral and sent out everywhere across the Internet. That said, I would like to thank mind body green for posting this great article and I hope that by giving recognition while reposting it, they and good Doctor that wrote it will appreciate the

Water and the Healthy Way

Saturday, 17, August , 2013 by

Water and the Healthy Way… We all know 8-10 glasses of water a day is the healthy way…Though here are a few more notes on water! 🙂 Check out other cool blogs from Dr. Daniel Javitz by clicking the link below: Dr. Javitz Blogs Thank you for checking out my blogs! Keep Hydrated! 😉 Dr.

Food For Thought!

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Hello Everyone, Our brains like any other part of the body require proper nutrition and constant stimulation to stay young. I came across this information many months back, but forgot to blog it. Enjoy, and remember that nutrition tips are just one of many services offered through drjavitz chiropractic ( To View the picture, just